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Just grab a bucket of soapy water, a hose and a sponge, and scrub away. Home washing your car is a simple task. A professional car washing is more than just a hobby or a simple business but a critical, detail-oriented procedure done only by professionals.

So the question, “Is a professional or home car washing better?” the answer is “No, of course not!” A professional car washing is definitely the better choice, but how much better? To what extent is professional car washing better than home washing? It’s a matter of what is gained vs. what is lost, as well as the long-term vs. short-term effects to the car’s value. As owners and operators, you should make yourself aware of the many advantages of professional car washing.


When it comes to quality, professional car washing wins. They use only state-of-the-art materials. They also give the best solutions to problems every car owner faces. Salt, for instance, is a destructive substance to your car, and unavoidable if you drive in winter conditions.

Washing the car at home using home maintenance materials such as water hose, sponge and dish washing detergent can damage a car’s finish. Scratch marks may result from the use of low-quality sponges and brushes. And exposure to sunlight may result in a car losing its original finish and may even burn spots in the paint.

Convenience, as well as quality, is something professional car washing provides to customers. Car maintenance can be time-consuming and is better left in the hands of the professionals.


In terms of cost, car owners who want to save a few bucks would rather spend their own time, effort and materials in cleaning their cars than taking it to the professionals.

Apart from a few basic cleaning materials, do-it-yourself car washing at home costs practically nothing. But, you get what you pay for.

Self-Serve Car Washes

Self-serves are automated car washes that are coin-operated. Customers of self-serve car washes can park their cars in a covered bay and hose their car down for a few bucks.

By inserting coins or tokens into the controller, the customer can choose a desired cleaning procedure— for example, soaping, rinsing, waxing, or tire cleaning — and the equipment will automatically release water, foam, soap or wax. Many self-serves will also offer vacuum stations.

When it comes to consumers who would rather do it on their own, self-serves offer a quick and convenient way to spruce-up their vehicle. Not only is this wash type generally less expensive for the car owner, but it is also convenient. It’s a good choice if your car needs a quick and simple clean, but it’s not a substitute for a professional car washing.