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Dressing and protecting plastic trim and rubber is perhaps the most over looked detail when caring for your vehicle. Over time the sun will oxidize the trim causing it to turn dull, chalky and cloudy. To protect your car’s trim frequently apply a water based trim dressing after washes. It’s important to only use water based dressings because solvent based dressing dry and damage rubber over time.

Dressing Is Like Wax For Your Trim

Trim dressing can be thought of as wax for your trim. It acts as is a layer of protection from the sun and other harsh environmental elements and gives your plastic trim a deeper black appearance. A dressing will help restore the appearance of your car’s trim for a short time, but trim restoration products will restore your trim to new condition and last for several years. If you restore your trim it’s a good idea to dress it after each detailing to help extend the life of the product.

Why Rubber Gaskets Dry And Fail

The major cause of most air and water leaks around windows and doors is damaged and failing rubber gaskets and seals. Over time, the damaging effects of heat, freezing temperatures and UV rays will cause rubber gaskets and seals around doors and windows to dry out and crack. Dressing and conditioning these rubber areas helps prevent drying and cracking while restoring their original color and elasticity.