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The Chevy is loosing it’s luster and shine, the leaves on the floorboard have turned to mulch, and the spilled milkshake looks and smells cheesy. Now, it’s time to do something about it. You’re off to a nearby auto supply store for supplies to DIY your car back to new. So many products to choose from: dozens of soaps, car wax, sponges, scrubbers, deodorizers, scratch repair, buffers, brighteners, and anything and everything the store could fit into the isle. Which to buy? What do you need?

It’s getting late, so you decide to keep it simple. You buy a sponge, some soap, wax and a bucket. You return home and you pull the garden hose around to the driveway to wash your car. You scrub, rinse and buff. You take the car out to the automatic car wash and vacuum. She’s good as new! Uhm, well, except for the smell, so you hang a deodorizer from the mirror. Job well done! She’s like new again. Sort of, but not really. Okay, she’s better than she was.

It takes a fair amount of skill to bring a car back to life, but a simple wash can be done at home. You should wash your car and vacuum when it needs sprucing up. But, professional detailing is worth the money spent  if you really want the best job possible. You could try to detail your car at home. You’ll find that it’s not as easy at it looks. So, is it worth taking your car in for professional detailing?


Professional auto detailing prices might look expensive. What you receive for your money is a thorough job that leaves your vehicle looking as good as when it rolled out of the showroom.

Doing the auto detailing yourself is still going to dent your wallet. If you plan on keeping your car for many years and have the skills and tools (professional tools, not just a sponge and bucket), and you have plenty of free time (a professional job can take the entire weekend), then the DIY route is for you.


It might be worth your while to do it yourself. You might be able to do a very good job on auto detailing, but are you as good as the professionals? Do you have the tools and time to do it right? Ask yourself this question, “Is it worth the cost of buying the tools, taking the time and learning the skills to do the professional auto detailing job at home by myself?”

Are you ready for some bending and stooping and getting down on your knees and on your back in order to get under places most people would never think of cleaning? Areas you might miss; such as inside the doors or under the bumpers. The professionals will make sure all of these are cleaned, properly.

Reasons for Detailing

Maybe you need your Ford detailed for a show, for a wedding, an anniversary, or some particular occasion when it absolutely has to look it’s best. Professional auto detailing can be an investment. The pros are worth the money; they’ll make certain your car is professionally detailed.